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We are fundraising to build or acquire, renovate, license, and staff our first residential care facility for At-Risk Youth and Families. Our goal is $3,000,000 (USD). The fulfillment of this goal and completion of our objective will help reduce the rate of persons without homes and provide mental health and substance use disorder programs and support, and other community-based services to a vulnerable and at-risk population in Merced, California. Please help our mission by clicking the "Donate Here" button below to make your gift. Thank you!

-Board of SERA

project 1: merced

Planned Acquisition: (1) RCF Single-Family Home

Merced Median Listing Home Price: $395k

Merced Median Sold Home Price: $372.5k

Purpose: SERA Residential Care Facilities for At-Risk Youth

Primary Target Demographic: At-Risk Youth

Bedrooms:  4 - 8

Bathrooms:  3+

Bed Count:  8 - 15

Features:  Backyard, Electricity, A/C Heating, Telephone, Cable, Internet/Wi-Fi and Parking Garage (for staff/storage only)

Services:  Room, Board, Supervision, Counseling, Medication Assistance, Telehealth, 3 Meals per day and Snacks, Transportation to and from Medical Appointments, and Planned Activities

Anticipated Grand Opening Time-Frame: December 2023 - June 2024

EIN: 88-2752593